I need help with a recent order: Something was missing, I'm checking on status, or there was another problem.

You must contact the authorized retailer you placed the order with. We cannot assist with any order-related questions.

Where can I buy a Ticor Sink?

Our products are available from authorized retailers across the USA and online. For online purchasing, please refer to the "Where to Buy" tab of each product.

Ticor is available from retailers including Home Depot, Lowe'sOverstock, Kobi Tools, Wayfair, Amazon, and more.

I do not live in the U.S.A. Can I still buy Ticor?

We recommend Overstock (International) for shopping outside the U.S.A. Shipping is available to most countries.

How can I clean and maintain my stainless steel sink?

We recommend having Bar Keepers Friend on hand to clean any discolorations or scratches. Please review the Care and Use guide (PDF) for further information.

Will my sink rust or discolor?

Stainless steel will not rust or discolor. However, the appearance of your sink can be affected by items placed within the sink or water quality. For example, leaving a cast iron skillet in the sink can cause superficial appearance of rust, and hard water can discolor the sink with mineral deposits. Please review the Care and Use guide (PDF) for further information about cleaning and prevention.

How do I install my sink? Can I get another copy of the installation instructions that were included with my sink?

Please review our installation instructions. We recommend hiring a contractor or plumber to assist you with the installation process.

Will this sink fit in my cabinet?

Please refer to the description tab or specification sheet tab on the product page. It will list the "minimum cabinet width" necessary to accommodate that sink. Final confirmation should be given by your cabinet manufacturer or contractor. We give general advice but there may be differences between individual cabinets.

What's the warranty on my sink?

Ticor products are covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Although we work hard to ensure that any defect or problem with your Ticor product is extremely unlikely, we recommend that you review the Warranty documents before purchase and retain them for your records. 

Please click here for a printable warranty—keep it with a copy of your proof of purchase.

I love this sink but do you make it with an additional hole for mounting my soap dispenser/sprayer/faucet/etc?

We are unable to offer customizations of the number of pre-drilled faucet holes, but you or the installer can safely add an additional hole to meet your requirements with a step drill bit, which are widely available online or your local hardware store.

Where can I get replacement parts for my faucet?

Please contact us with the model number of the faucet and the part number of the replacement part (you can look up this number in the the owner's manual of your faucet, "Replacement Parts" section). If you do not know the part number, please include a detailed description of the part; we may request a photo.