Ticor TG21 13.25" x 19.75" and TG52 19.625" x 17.625" Stainless Steel Basin Rack Set for S4411 Sink

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Help maintain the beauty and elegance of your sink with Ticor Brand custom made Stainless Steel Sink Basin Racks. Ticor Basin Racks are constructed of sturdy chrome plated stainless steel to perfectly accent Ticor sinks and feature PVC feet and bumpers that help protect the sink from scratches and the wear and tear of general daily use.
• Custom-Sized Basin Racks are Designed for a Perfect Fit with Compatible Ticor Sinks
• Grid Includes PVC Feet and Protective Bumpers
• Protects the Sink Bottom from Scratches and General Wear
• Drain Opening in Grid Allows Easy Access to Sink Disposal or Strainer
• Solid Welded Stainless Steel Construction
• Creates Better Water Flow to Sink Drain
• Dishwasher Safe for Easy Cleaning

TG21 Basin Rack Width:
TG21 Basin Rack Length:
TG52 Basin Rack Width:
TG52 Basin Rack Length:
Compatible Sink:
Basin Rack Material:
Stainless Steel