Ticor Stainless Steel Drying Tray

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The Ticor stainless steel drying tray is designed to fit over a sink ledge or on a graduated basin ledge in a customizable arrangement. Constructed of 304 Grade stainless steel, this drying tray is both stylish and practical for food preparation.

  • Constructed with high quality 304 Stainless Steel
  • Silicone bumpers ensure the tray stays in place and won't scratch your sink ledge
  • Quick drying, dishwasher safe
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
DT3 Compatible Sinks:
TR1900 • TR2000 • TR4000 • TR4100
DT14 Compatible Sinks:
S5301 • S5302 • S5303 • S5304 • S5305 • S5306 • S5307
DT15 Compatible Sink:
DT16 Compatible Sinks:
TR4050 • TR4060 • TR4070
DT17 Compatible Sink: